No Online Response/Open Post

Hi All,

Like I said in class today, there’s no Online Response for this week.  Use this time for your other classes, for yourself, maybe even for other people.  I’ll still leave the Online Responses open (ungraded), should you want an Open Post to vent/talk/I’m not sure what you young people do online.  I can guarantee you this online safe space, and I’ll even respond.

Readings have been posted for next week, though, don’t forget that.


3 thoughts on “No Online Response/Open Post

  1. I just want to say thank you for letting me talk and express myself in a time that is very stressful and confusing. I think I felt a little better afterwards. It was a good class.


  2. I am starting to feel that Trump is realizing that there somethings here needs to rethink. I am worried because my dad is still working however his jo is stressful and i need aid for college education and. To be sucessfful


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